I just don’t feel like it!

In college it is hard to stay on task and even harder to be diligent. Half the time, I want to lay in bed and day dream; the other half, I want to eat, drink and enjoy the pleasures of life. None of the time do I want to work or do school work. Laziness is a real struggle for me, that and procrastination. The bible states in Ecclesiastes 11:4, “He that is watching the wind will not sow seed; and he that is looking at the clouds will not reap.” Laziness and procrastination will not fair well. I know this, yet I find myself hiding under the covers in the morning and looking for every reason not to get out the bed. Proverbs 6:9 poses these questions, “How long, you lazy one, will you lie there? When will you rise up from your sleep?” My answer to those questions most the time is forever and never. What does the bible have to say to my answers? Proverbs 13:4 says, “The lazy person has his cravings, yet he has nothing, But the diligent one will be fully satisfied.” So if you don’t want to have nothing you have to be diligent and put out something.

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Entertainment.. spiritism

dreamstimeextrasmall_19652318I know first hand it is hard to avert spiritism. As I’m writing this blog, my friend is watching a suggestive spiritism film, and since I’m here, I am watching it too. Spiritism is one of the hardest snares to stay away from. I do a pretty good job at avoiding it, but I still get ensnared by it too.

The bible speaks clearly about spiritism; it says in Deuteronomy 18: “10  There should not be found in you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, anyone who employs divination, anyone practicing magic, anyone who looks for omens, a sorcerer, 11  anyone binding others with a spell, anyone who consults a spirit medium or a fortune-teller, or anyone who inquires of the dead. 12  For whoever does these things is detestable to Jehovah, and on account of these detestable practices Jehovah your God is driving them away from before you.”

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Proverbs 20: “19  A slanderer goes about revealing confidential talk;+Do not associate with one who loves to gossip.*” 

Did you know that the meaning of the name Devil is slanderer?  God named the wicked angel Devil, who told the first lie causing reproach on God’s name. Because of this, we know Jehovah views slander as a very detestable thing. In the scripture above, what did it relate slander to: gossip. Gossip is form of slander. The information that is spread in gossip might not be 100 percent accurate. This makes it a lie. When you go spending this information, it might hurt a persons reputation.

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I have no witness friends.

I am an unbaptized aspiring witness. I have no witness friends so I have not given up any of my worldly friends. Not that I’m sure that I would make that sacrifice if I did have witness friends, but as for now that is my excuse.

1 Corinthians 15:33 “Do not be misled. Bad associations spoil useful habits.”

I am a witness to the scripture above. I know it is 1000% true. How? Because of last semester when I was on my solo dolo status and not really hanging out with anyone, I was more productive and more involved with my spiritual health. It was because my only  major influences was my dorm roommate, who never went anywhere and wasn’t a very social person, and my bible study conductor, who is a baptized Jehovah’s witness.  Now I’ve pulled myself so far anyway from Jehovah and its because I didn’t allow the right influences to lead me to flourish instead I allowed the wrong ones to lead my spirituality to wither. Continue reading