Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Most people have assumptions about who exactly are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Well the truth is that they’re regular people like you and me. They’re not in a cult like some believe. They do believe in God and his son Jesus Christ. They are Christians by definition, followers of Christ. So what makes Witnesses, who could be your neighbors, coworkers, or classmates different? The fact that they are diligent students of the bible who works day and night to know accurate bible truths and bring their lives in harmony with bible principles.My grandma asked me a question one day, “What made Noah different from the people of his day?”

She asked this because I was curious to know can you lose God’s favor? I wondered if living life being a good person was enough for God. We all sin. God forgives are sins through God’s grace or what Jehovah’s Witnesses call God’s undeserved kindness. So I thought I can continue doing things God hates because he knows I am imperfect and everyone sins. So it should be ok. As long as I’m not committing grave sin I thought I was in the clear.

Reality is there probably were good people in Noah’s day. Yet, they died when the flood came. All of those living in Noah’s day probably weren’t murders, rapist or ones committing what we think of as grievous sins. Still, they died. Well, why didn’t Noah?

The difference between Noah and the others of his day is that he remained faithful to God. He followed God’s direction and obeyed God’s commandments. That’s what saved Noah’s life.

So Jehovah’s Witnesses observe the warning of Noah’s day and try to live a righteous life obeying God. Does this mean that they are perfect. No. They fall short of God’s commandment too. The difference is that they put in a grave effort to follow bible principles and do what is pleasing to God. Putting God’s will over their own wills and desires.

Also you will notice that some of Jehovah’s Witness’s beliefs differ from some christian beliefs. This is because they are diligent students of the bible. Anointed ones with the help of God’s holy spirit have studied the bible to interpret from the scriptures alone accurate bible truths.

One of these truths are that God’s real name is Jehovah. God is a title similar to father, creator or lord. To have God as your friend as the bible stated Moses was, then you must come to know God name and who God is. When meeting someone the most important thing is finding out their name, right? You wouldn’t call someone your close friend if you didn’t know their name, would you? No. So it is important to come to Know God’s name in order to draw close to him.

Jehovah’s Witnesses also believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. They reject the trinity doctrine that states God, Jesus and the holy spirit are one entity  because it’s not supported by the scriptures.

This is just some knowledge to get to know who  Jehovah’s  Witnesses are. For more information please visit  JW.org.


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